About Lua Lua Diving Oman

Welcome to Lua Lua Diving and Adventure in Oman, where we have embarked on the road to building a top Scuba Diving
destination for diving enthusiasts from around the world, be it for pleasure diving or diver training.
Our focus is on safety and fun whilst providing the highest quality in training and customer service to all that visit us. Offering the full range of PADI courses for students, who train in the best equipment, meticulously maintained to the highest standards. Training through us, ensures safe, confident divers emerge at the end of their courses.

We hold a strong belief in the education of our youth and that this is essential for the future enjoyment of the oceans. We remain dedicated to the environment by raising awareness of the threats facing our oceans to all who visit us and can often be seen carrying out cleanup operations along the coast of Muscat.

Lua Lua Diving Oman& Adventure Mission Statement:
When we established Lua Lua Diving, we determined a number of company goals, which we wanted to not only achieve, but maintain for the long term.
• Provide our customers with the highest quality in diver training using the most up to date PADI Standards and Guidelines
• Provide exceptional customer service to all who visit us
• To engage our youth through educational and environmental programs
• Promote Oman as a world-class diving destination!
With experienced staff that will be able to answer all of your questions, we look forward to meeting and welcoming you to Lua Lua Diving & Adventure and to share and explore with you the wonder that is diving in Oman.

Please get in touch with us today for more information.