Sightseeing Oman

Lua Lua Diving doesn’t just offer Diving activities, we also offer a wide range of non diving options for people who would rather stay ‘on top’ of the water!

Snorkelling Trips

Come to the Daymaniat Island with us any day for a fantastic experience. While snorkelling on the Islands you will see a huge range of fish and marine life, that is different to what divers see. You may have close encounters with turtles and rays, you will see the playful surgeon fish cashing each other in the shallows and in the right season you may get to snorkel with a whale shark!! If you get tired you can go and relax on any of the beaches where you can see crabs running on the beaches and a good chance of spotting one of our resident Osprey Eagles!! Lunch will be provided as well as water and juices so just bring yourself, a towel and a camera!

Daily Plan

Meet inside The Wave Muscat, at the Al Mouj Marina at 0800 and depart at 0830 to the Daymaniat Islands. The journey out only takes around 30 Minutes depending on weather and then you will start day at the beautiful Islands! We will return as discussed prior to the day either around 14.30 .

There are plenty of coffee shops, restaurants and supermarkets within 2 minutes walking if you would like to grab breakfast or a coffee prior to departure.

Cost: 30 OMR

Dolphin/Whale Watching

Oman is generally not so known for its marine life and especially not for Dolphins and Whales, but how wrong people are! There are as many as 20 different Cetacean (dolphins and whales) species lurking in the seas surrounding Oman, especially in the costal areas around Muscat. The most common encounter off the coat of Muscat are the Spinner Dolphins (Stenella Longirostris) where huge pods of them spin their way around the boats and often feeding on the surface where you can see them working as a team with the Cormorant birds to feed. Often some long-nosed common dolphins are mixed in with the pod too working as one. Along this coast there also been many sightings of Humpback Whales (Megaptera novangleae), Risso’s Dolphins (Grampeus griseus), Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops aduncus), False Killer Whales (Pseudorca crassidens) and the occasional Killer Whale group (Orcinus orca)!

Daily Plan

Meet inside The Wave Muscat, at the Al Mouj Marina at 0815 and depart at 0830, you will be taken along the coast of Muscat for about an hour. You will see the beautiful costal cliffs, mountains in the background, and flying fish in the boats wake! All the time keep an eye out for dolphins or a blow of a whale, you never know what you may see! Once we arrive to the area where the dolphins frequent we will slow down and start searching for them. Once a pod has been confirmed you will slowly approach and observe these amazing creatures from a safe distance as to not scare them. We will not accept feeding, shouting or chasing the wildlife away as we at Lua Lua respect the Marine-life always. The trip usually returns around 2 depending on conditions and if you have arranged to snorkel on this trip also it will last longer. Snacks and water will be provided so just bring yourself and a camera!

Cost: 30 OMR

Coastal Tours (sunset/daytime)

Oman’s coastline is beautiful, the soft mountains in the background, the small towns/city’s on the coast and the harsh but stunning rugged cliffs meeting the fresh waters. You will head east from The Wave marina and cruise along the coast, passing each (cove) to reveal something new around each corner. The topography of the coastal cliffs joining small low rise towns is magical you will see the famous ‘hole in the cliff’ along your travels too! On the sunset cruise you can see the lights from the Mattrah area along with some mosques you can spot at night! You will pass the naturally beautifully carved Fahal Island and also go past the bays of the elite hotels in Muscat (Shangri La, Al Bustan Palace and more.)You may also spot some dolphins along the way if you are lucky! If you are on the sunset tour you will witness the enchanting sun set scenes of Muscat from the most peaceful place in town.. the water!

Daily Plan &amp

Meet inside The Wave Muscat, at the Al Mouj Marina at the time discussed and planned prior to the day, snacks and water will be provided although bringing your own is also accepted. Just bring yourself and a camera for this wonderful experience!

Cost: 50 OMR

Minimum 4pax for all.

Interested in joining us to enjoy Oman’s fantastic diving opportunities? Please contact our team for details.

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