Environmental and Eco days

Being dedicated to the environment is one thing but forming part of the community is just as important to us. We will engage the community in conservation efforts and teach the children the importance of sustainability, so that one day, they may become advocates of the ocean.

By working in cooperation with the community, we will build a strong relationship that is aimed at environmental protection for future generations to enjoy the natural beauty that is available to each and every person.

Project AWARE is PADl’s non profit organisation aimed at promoting ocean conservation through divers. This forms a large part of what we do, especially when working with the youth.

The Project AWARE Foundation is a growing movement of scuba divers “Protecting Our Ocean Planet – One Dive at a Time”. Over the past two decades of underwater conservation Project Aware learned that divers are true leaders in ocean protection. Divers are ocean heroes numbering in the millions across the globe. Project Aware believe that together our actions will make a huge impact and will help to rescue the ocean.

All our projects are operated under the Project Aware Banner and are recorded as part of the foundations global operations.

  • One person picking up some litter can help one animal who will pick it up and eat it, or get stuck in it a suffocate.
  • One person at a time, if we stop littering and start picking it up, then less will be washed out to sea to create huge patches of rubbish.
  • In the south Pacific Ocean there is one patch of garbage that reaches between 700,000 square km to 15,000,000 square km!!
  • Some estimate it to be more than twice the size of Texas!! (That’s pretty big!)

Keep an eye out on our blog and Facebook for up and coming events like beach clean ups or underwater clean ups! If you have contributed in your spare time just contact us and we will do a feature on our blog!