Summer camps

Diving can be so much more than an activity, it can change the way we all look at the world, change how we contribute to society and take us to a world un-seen by many. We want all divers to take on the challenges that are facing the planet head on. So we operate our programs with 3 elements in mind.

Engage – Complete – Develop

We will show you the wonders of the underworld and ask you to engage with the issues. You will complete qualifications and become certified divers. The person who starts any course with us will be a different and improved person at the end.


People need to breathe, to drink water, to eat, and to take medicine. For this, we need the right climate….right??
• Oceans are the largest ecosystems on earth, they are our biggest life support.
• Half of the oxygen we humans breathe is produced in the sea. Its so big 97% of the earth’s water is in the ocean!
• They also supply us with a 6th of the animal produce we eat.
• They absorb Carbon Dioxide too so this reduces the climate changes happening all of the time.
• New medicines are being found every day in the ocean to fight illness.
• So if humans keep throwing rubbish into the sea and over fishing the fish… Where does that leave us???

For this summer camp there are 2 options.
1. If you are NOT a certified Scuba Diver already you can do our 3 day ECO warrior course, and still make a difference and learn about the environment!

  • Project AWARE Specialty
  • Beach clean up!
  • Shark Conservation Specialty
  • Earn 2 PADI Specialty Certifications
  • Price: $ XXX.XX

2. I you ARE a certified Diver then you can participate in the same course and then continue to complete 2 more days where we will help the earth by surveying the ocean while scuba diving!

  • Project AWARE Specialty
  • Beach clean up!
  • Shark Conservation Specialty
  • Fish Identification Specialty
  • Turtle Conservation Specialty
  • Earn 4 PADI Specialty Certifications
  • Price: $ XXX.XX


Project AWARE’s goal is to get a large group of scuba divers and water enthusiasts who care about protecting the world’s water resources and choose to make a difference – one dive at a time. By earning the Project AWARE Specialist certification, you’ll be aware of most problems to do with aquatic environments and know what everyday actions you can take to help protect them.

Anyone who has an interest in the aquatic world should take this course.

What will you learn?
• How Project AWARE unites scuba divers and water enthusiasts to make a difference.
• About environmental issues in the ocean commons and coastal zones.
• About fisheries challenges and sustainability problems.
• What’s happening to coral reefs and reef inhabitants?
• Your role in protecting aquatic environments.
• On completing this ECO summer camp you will have gained either 2 or 4 PADI Specialty’s!!
• If you a non diver ECO warrior you will collect your certificates and temporary PADI cards during lunch after you finish the Shark classroom session.
• If you were a diver ECO warrior then you will collect yours on the last day after diving and collecting info on turtles!!
• If you are in the diving group you will now have 4 PADI specialty certifications!! You just need one more to become a Master Scuba Diver, you also need 50 dives to certify as a Master Scuba Diver. When you get this qualification you will then be the highest-ranking recreational PADI diver!!!!


The Week Without Walls is a program that:
• Provides schools and students the opportunity to spend one week outside the confines of the classroom walls. During the week, students leave the city and stay with us. While our un-certified guests will learn to dive and earn their PADl Open Water Certification as well as spend plenty of time practicing what they have learned through pleasure diving. Certified students will spend the week continuing their diver education by completing the PADI Advanced Open Water course or various Specialty courses.
• Each day, we look at the serious issue of conservation that affects us as divers. Students will complete The Project Aware course as well as look at turtle and shark conservation that are common in the region.
• Our Week Without Walls programs are the perfect way to immerse yourself in diving and learn more about the underwater world.

If you are interested in learning more about how you or your children can join us for fun, exciting and educational summer camp activities, please get in touch with us.