What Oman’s coast has to offer

Oman is a beautiful destination on land, the mountains, the wadis, the rich culture in the small villages, the souks and many many more fascinating things to visit. If you would like to book a land day trip please contact our team for details.

But at Lua Lua we love the ocean and all it has to bring to us, Oman is still a hidden gem of beauty and surprise in all aspects. Come with us on our boat “Apha Cat 1″ to discover the local waters.
You do not have to be a diver to enjoy our trips, we run all PADI diving courses and pleasure diving trips, but we also run snorkelling trips, costal cruises, sunset cruises, camping excursions and more!



Join us for fantastic pleasure dives

Lua Lua Diving and Adventure offers daily pleasure diving experiences, with up to 4 dives a day for all different certification levels. With more than 25 dive site locations, divers are extremely spoiled for choice. Divers will enjoy the luxury of diving on purpose built dive boats that have been designed to maximize space on board for setting up equipment. Extensive dive briefings of each dive site will be given prior to each dive.

Click here for more info diving in Oman here.

Snorkelling Trips

Come to the Daymaniat Island with us any day for a fantastic experience. While snorkelling on the Islands you will see a huge range of fish and marine life, that is different to what divers see. You may have close encounters with turtles and rays, you will see the playful surgeon fish cashing each other in the shallows and in the right season you may get to snorkel with a whale shark!!



Dolphin/Whale Watching

Oman is generally not so known for its marine life and especially not for Dolphins and Whales, but how wrong people are! There are as many as 20 different Cetacean (dolphins and whales) species lurking in the seas surrounding Oman, especially in the costal areas around Muscat.

Coastal Tours (sunset/daytime)

Oman’s coastline is beautiful, the soft mountains in the background, the small towns/city’s on the coast and the harsh but stunning rugged cliffs meeting the fresh waters. You will head east from The Wave marina and cruise along the coast, passing each (cove) to reveal something new around each corner.



For more info on each of these activities please see http://lualuadiving.com/coastal-activities-oman/

If you would like to join us on one of our Day Trips Oman, then just drop us and email and we still start planning!


diving in oman turtle

diving in oman Land Scape