PADI Swim School has landed in Oman

One of the things I hear a lot of from people living in Muscat is that there are no places to go for real swimming lessons. Fear not, as the PADI Swim School, powered by Starfish Aquatics Institute, is now being offered by Lua Lua Diving & Adventure.


The Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) is the largest privately held aquatic safety and professional development training organization in the world, which offers training programs for lifeguards, swim instructors, aquatic facility managers, pool and spa operators, and the public. SAI’s vision is to be the preferred training resource in aquatics. Additionally, SAI offers a range of aquatic risk management and operational consulting services. In cooperation with PADI, SAI has provided its program and services exclusively in the scuba diving industry to PADI members. The program, known as the “PADI Swim School” has not been modified or abridged from the original, providing PADI members the same high standards for swimming instruction that have earned SAI global respect among the world’s professional swimming instruction community.

The PADI Swim School Program is for children ages 6 months to adult. The program is ideal for all ages and abilities and is proven to show results! Starish Swimming is a total learn-to-swim and water safety curriculum for all ages and stages of aquatic development- toddlers through competitive swimmers.


The StarBabies and StarTots course introduces infants and toddlers to the water in a fun and loving environment. Parents or caregivers are taught the proper techniques to teach their infants and toddlers how to float, submerge, move in the water, and rollover.

Classes incorporate songs and activities to meet the swim skill benchmarks. Safety skill benchmarks are designed to educate the parents or care givers.


The Swim School courses for pre-school, youth and adult focus on meeting core competencies required to develop efficient swimming skills and age appropriate

safety skills:

• Trust and submersion;

• Body positions and air recovery (includes rollover to back for air recovery);

• Forward movement and direction change;

• Rotary movement (shortens rollover to back to just roll to side);

• Integrated movement;

• Functional and survival strokes

• Age-appropriate safety skills.


The Stroke School courses for pre-school, youth and adult develop effective technique and endurance for:

• Freestyle

• Backstroke

• Butterfly

• Breaststroke

We offer ladies only classes and Swim Instructor Courses. If you are interested in taking a class or becoming an Instructor, please contact us for further details.

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