Emergency First response

Emergency first response is a one day course that anybody can take. DIVERS or NON DIVERS are welcome and encouraged to sign up!

You will learn first aid and basic life support on this course. Everybody should have some emergency training, as you never know when you will need to use it. EFR is a prerequisite for the PADI Rescue diver course. This is so people have the knowledge to help others in an emergency even if it not while diving!

Skills learned during this course include injury and illness assessments, bandaging and splinting. Then you will learn about how to sustain a victim’s lifeline, including CPR, rescue breathing, serious bleeding, spinal injury and shock management.

On completing the course you will be certified as an Emergency First Responder for a 2-year period, then you must update your skills with a refresher course. This is a vital course for everyone, as one can never tell when any of these skills may be needed at home, school or out and about.


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